A collection of software written by me. All software presented here has been written in C, C++, Java or Perl. All software is copyright (c) by Theodore Zacharia.

Operating Systems, Shells and Utilities

tzsh tzsh - a UNIX (korn) shell which runs on Windows platforms (95/98, NT and XP)
IPTC settags - an IPTC image tagger which runs from the command line (requires Perl and associated libraries)

Work Utilities Collection

tzsh Bulk FTP/SCP for DOS - a simple FTP (secure copy) script written in DOS to allow for restartable multiple simultaneous FTP sessions (actually uses secure copy command)
tzsh Flashback DB - a simple script to managed Flashback of an Oracle Database, you can list, set, drop and flashback the database by markers and also by time, expects a clustered database
tzsh Performance Reporting - two simple scripts to help create AWR and ADDR reports


sfe Suspended project (due to spare time restrictions) - Struggle For Empire - SFE the game
Asteroids Asteroids (Java Applet - a work in progress)

Java Collection

Java Java Applications
Java Java Games

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